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DescriptionBILKON is a company for the production of textile clothing, founded in 2013. In total, Bilkon has 86 employees, a combination of young and experienced confectioners. The management consists of a highly and secondary educated, highly professional association with many years of experience in the same and similar jobs in the textile companies “Bilećanka” and “Novoteks”. The factory is located in address Peka Pavlovića bb in Bileća and is in the former Bilećanka building. Bileća is located in the southeastern part of BiH, in the Republika Srpska, near the border with Montenegro. There is an intersection of Sarajevo-Dubrovnik and Mostar-Podgorica. Near Bileća there are four airports Mostar at 90 km, Dubrovnik at 65 km, Podgorica in Montenegro at 115 km and Tivat in Montenegro at 98 km. The target group of products for dedicated management is the production of protective clothing mainly according to the principle of Lohn business for foreign customers. 70 to 80% of the capacity is exported, and the rest is to meet the needs of the household. Production in production is not too tied to the season. Bilkon has secured its position in the Lohn business market by strictly adhering to the standards and quality of diary production, which is best evidenced by the constant cooperation with HMT from Germany, and especially with the world-famous company STIHL and protective clothing HB. We have professionally trained management staff, our own equipment servicing workshop with experienced craftsmen, well-trained workforce.
Organization Type Company
CityBileća, Peka Pavlovića Google map