Mate Tothmajor

head of product development

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DescriptionInformation security, cyber security services. Data recovery services. SeCube GRC product. size: ~ 70 employees HQ: Hungary
Organization Type Company
CityBudapest, Rétköz st. 5., BudaWest Office Building, IV. floor Google map
Offer & Request

Partnership: SeCube GRC software

Dear Mr/Mrs,

We are here in respect of recommending to your attention our SeCube GRC software product.

The product:
SeCube GRC is a security governance, risk, compliance, audit, and business continuity management software that can be modularly integrated in a single framework. The SeCube GRC system can be used to create and maintain a company’s operating model (resources, systems, data, processes), to evaluate operations along the lines of business impact analyses, to use risk analyses (information security, physical, human, and business) to manage risks, to plan IT and business continuity, and to manage internal audit and compliance analyses in a single modular system.

SeCube’s key target users include IT operations, the parties responsible for security and business processes, and the experts and managers in the fields of internal control and compliance.

The manufacturer of the software is KURT Co. leading information security company in Hungary, intending to broaden its Partner network.

We are looking for:
a) IT security consultancy companies or resellers as new Partners, whose are familiar with security GRC topic and have local market channels.
b) Higher education institutions, that teaches information security with GRC topics and interested in educational software.
c) Companies looking for GRC, Risk management, BCM, Compliance management software.

If you are interested, please take the following steps, and try the software:
1. Please take a look of our brochure or visit our website -
ww.secube.com – to get a preliminary understanding what SeCube supports,
2. then simply contact us and request access to our cloud, where you can freely try the software with demo data.

We look forward to give you access to our demo environment, receive feedbacks and to explore possibilities of working together.

Mate Tothmajor
Head of product development
KÜRT Co. Information Management
mate.tothmajor@kurt.hu www.secube.com

Keywords: securityinformationsecuritycomplianceriskbcmgrcriskmanagement
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