Danijela Marković

RRA Podrinja, Podgorine i Radjevine

Bilateral Meetings

  • (1:00p.m. - 4:00p.m.)
DescriptionRDA Podrinja, Podgorine i Radjevine Ltd Loznica is mainly focused on activities whose purpose is to assist and support small and medium enterprises and enterpreneurs in their work. Also, our activities are directed to the development of the partnership on local, regional, national and international levels between public and private sector on the realization of development projects for the aim of the balanced regional development, encouraging the entire development of the region, finding finances both in the country an internationally for financing the projects. Our Agency gives the information to small and medium enterprises and enterprenurs about economic politics, activities and programs of international assistance, gives the advices concerning making bussiness plans and positioning on the market in the country and abroad, gives the information about legal regulative and standards, organizes courses and advisory services of interest for small and medium bussiness,etc. We employ 7 people who work on these activities. Also our organization is the only to have acreditation from Ministry of Economy of Republic Serbia to implement national programs for SME“s in the Macva and Kolubara region . We are member of SARA ( Serbian association of regional development agencies). Our founders beside local-self goverments are also 3 enterpreneurs association (Loznica, Ljubovija and Bogatić) and we have good cooperation with all of them.
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CityLoznica, Jovana Cvijića 20 Google map

project managers

we want to meet with persons with experience in developing project managemenet

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